Getting Your Website Started

Know what you want your website to accomplish.
This needs to be established before construction can begin.
Do you want to showcase your products?
If so, do you want to sell them?
If your site is information-based, how do you want to present that information to your prospects? And what exactly do you want to present?
Gather Information. Before can get started
with the website construction, you will need to know what
information will be on placed on your website. For example, how many photos and products (if any) you wish to include?


Contact Us for a Consultation. Once you have gathered all your information and you know what you want your website to accomplish, get in touch with us. We will provide you the project consultation free of charge and with no obligation. On top of giving you advice on how to implement your ideas, we will also provide you options so you can make the best decision for your business - from an economic and professional standpoint.


Provide All Necessary Information to Once we have agreed on the direction of the website, provide all the information to us so we can begin construction. During construction, we will give you an initial design concept for your approval.


Once approved, we will fill in the remaining content and create the website. After the website is finished, both and the client will comb through the website with one final proofreading. After adjustments are made, the remaining balance due will be invoiced, paid within 10 business days, then the site will be launched (a 50% deposit is required before website construction begins).


Market your website. After the construction of the website is complete, and the site is launched on the World Wide Web, you will need to tell everyone (and we mean everyone) about your new website. will submit your new site to Yahoo!, Google, and Bing. Additional methods of marketing should be implemented to get your website working for you. We can give you general advice on how to market your website.


Maintain your website. Regular updates and layout changes to your website will help insure potential customers return often. Depending on your website, you should consider either daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates. A complete overhaul and redesign should be done every two and a half to three years to keep your look fresh.

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